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Brevé Roastery

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Brevé coffee beans are grown in the mountainous regions of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Tanzania, Java, Colombia, Kenya, New Guinea, Zimbabwe and other remote lands. Brevé Coffee® Beans are the finest in size, shape, color, density and uniformity.

As green coffee beans are heated inside the roaster, dramatic changes occur in their size and color. They change from jade green to amber, then light tan,darkertan,caramel, brown and finally darker brown. There are a series of popping sounds as moisture escapes and cracks the cell walls of the beans under elevated temperatures.

These various coffee growing regions produce very different tastes. A crisp clean lively Costa Rican is very different than a low acidic, chocolately Sumatra.  Coffees from around the world are blended together to produce our exquisite House Blend.

As the heat continues to rise, the beans react with a second pronounced cracking produced by the delicate oils forming and vaporizing. Sugars are caramelized during this process as the Master Roaster determines the critical point to release the beans from the roaster. The result of individually roasting each crop per its moisture content maximizes sweetness, aroma and body.

Brevé handcrafted coffees deliver a unique distinction of quality found only in true small batch roasting with the blending and temperature control of our most experienced Master Roaster.

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