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Did you know...

Did you know... Coffee Is Actually A Fruit!

That's right, coffee beans are actually the pits of berries. The coffee berries, sometimes called coffee cherries, are an edible fruit that have coffee beans inside. They are only called 'beans' because of their resemblance to beans. Did you know you were actually drinking fruit when you were throwing back those lattes? It explains why the Brazilian acai berry shares so many properties with the coffee 'bean'.

Brevé Coffee Pumpkin Spice

Morning cool temperatures are arriving, kids are back in school, and everyone is preparing for fall! People are talking about football, Halloween costumes, and PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE!!! Bréve Coffee has a perfect, special blend of Pumpkin Spice. Enjoy the enticing flavors of Pumpkin spice, gentle cinnamon, and syrupy brown sugar, which are sure to invite you into the warm, cozy season of autumn.

These lavish flavors will open up your senses to the cool Autumn air and the significance of the season.

After all, what is autumn without Pumpkin Spice?

Where do Brevé coffee beans grow?

Brevé coffee beans are grown in the mountainous regions of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Tanzania, Java, Colombia, Kenya, New Guinea, Zimbabwe and other remote lands. BrevéCoffee®Beans are the finest in size, shape, color, density and uniformity.

As green coffee beans are heated inside the roaster, dramatic changes occur in their size and color. They change from jade green to amber, then light tan,darkertan,caramel, brown and finally darker brown. There are a series of popping sounds as moisture escapes and cracks the cell walls of the beans under elevated temperatures.

What is Speciality Coffee?

It all begins with a coffee tree that bears fruit or €œcherries approximately twice a year. Coffee beans are the actual seeds inside the ripe (red) "cherries".

Specialty-grade coffee differentiates itself from commercial grade in the following areas:

Species: There are two primary species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. All specialty grade comes from the top 10% of Arabica, whereas, most commercial-grade coffee comes from Robusta and lower grade Arabica.

Methods to Make a Cup to Coffee: The French Press

The next most common way for people to enjoy a nice cup of coffee is with the French Press. It may take a little more work than a standard coffee maker, but many people prefer to use it because of the refreshing results that they get. Here's the basic breakdown of how to use a French Press to make a cup of coffee.

The Necessary Pieces

In order to get the right blend from a French Press, you'll need the following:
- A French Press
- Course Ground Coffee
- A Timer
- Cups
- A Spoon (Either of Wood or Plastic)