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Knowing Your Coffee Roasts: Light Roast

There are various differences between each type of coffee roast, and you’ll be able to enjoy your beverages much more if you know what to look for and which ones are your favorites. While this won’t be a definitive guide, it will give you the information needed to help you understand each blend. This article will start with the light roast.

What are Light Roasts?

Light roasts are called such because they have a light brown color from the roasting process. They contain no oil on the surface of the bean and also have the most caffeine since less of it is burned off. These types of coffees have a toasted grain taste and distinctive acidic nature. These beans are able to retain their original flavors much longer than other roasted types of coffee.

How Light Roasts are Made

Light roasts are heated until they reach the “first” or “second” crack, depending on the type of roast that is being achieved. This is accomplished by making the bean reach an internal temperature between 356°F and 401°F. Most light roasts are only roasted until they reach the first crack or slightly prior to the bean cracking.

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