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Knowing Your Coffee Roasts: Medium Roasts

Following light roasts are medium roasts. These coffees are slightly different from their lighter counterparts, allowing more people to try a flavor that isn’t as acidic. The following will detail how medium roasts are different from other roasts in order to help you determine what roast is best for you.

What is a Medium Roast?

Medium roasted beans have a little more color than light roasts, leading to a medium-brown color. They are similar to light roasts in the fact that they contain no oil on the surface, but they are different in the fact that they have a boosted amount of flavor, aroma, and acidity. On the other hand, light roasts contain more caffeine than a medium roast since the roasting process burns off more of the caffeine.

How Medium Roasts are Made

Medium roasts are made by making the bean reach a temperature between 410°F and 428°F. This is when the bean reaches its first crack and is about to reach the second. Some roasts will end right after the first crack, which leads to a more “traditional” roast. What you will like will depend on your tastes, but there are various medium roasts that can be enjoyed.

Trying Medium Roasts with Breve

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