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Understanding Different Ways to Brew Your Coffee: The Coffee Maker

While most people rely on the trusted and true method of making coffee or go out to grab themselves a nice cup of Joe, there are many different ways that you can actually brew you coffee. Each technique has benefits and pitfalls, so it's a good idea to have a basic grasp of how you can make coffee and see what works best for you. We'll start with the most basic method in order to provide you with a good foundation and to let you see how your cup should be made for maximum results.

Use a Coffee Maker
This is the simplest and most practical way for most people to make coffee. There is very little effort that goes into the process, and the coffee is still refreshing. From machines that can have timers on them to ones that you start each and every day, coffee makers are a tried and true way to enjoy coffee. In order to use a coffee maker, you need to gather the following:

-Coffee Filter
-Grinder (or Ground Coffee Beans)
-Whole Beans (If You're Not Using a Grinder)
-Your Favorite Cup

The Brewing Process
In order to start, you'll want to get your ground coffee beans or grind the whole beans up with the grinder. Check the packaging to see what setting you should have the grinder on (typically medium) and get the fresh beans for your brew.

Next, put the coffee filter in the brew basket and add the coffee grounds. Most units require about 2 tablespoons for each cup of coffee, but you can add more if you want a stronger brew and vice versa. After you've added your desired amount of coffee, measure out the amount of water you need and add it to the machine.

Now, all you have to do if flip the switch and wait a few minutes for your coffee to start filtering into the pot. When it's all done, pour it into your favorite mug and add some milk or sugar if you desire. That's all there is to using a coffee machine. It's simple and painless!

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