German Chocolate



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German Chocolate

The perfect combination of Chocolate and Coconuts add together for a wonderful aroma and superb blend.

If you're craving lush chocolate cake with a crunchy, salty, caramel-vanilla glaze of toasted pecans and frazzled coconut, then sit down and relax with Brevé's German Chocolate brew.

Layers of swirling dark chocolate, salty carmamel and vanilla extracts, and roasted pecans and shredded coconut are brilliant flavors to add to your morning cup of coffee!

Why settle for the boring, regular routine of plain coffee when you can have elegantly refined, handcrafted, and perfectly flavored first-class coffee every morning?

German Chocolate is the perfect blend for all of your special cravings.  With each delicate flavor prominent, you will experience the best-tasting coffee you've had in a long time.

Treat yourself to something incredible.


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