Cinnamon Hazelnut



Cinnamon Hazelnut

A splash of sweet and spicy cinnamon with the aromatic smell and velvety tase of a toasted-to-perfection hazelnut is sure to put you in a good mood! Although it may bring back warm memories of the holidays and time spent with family around the fireplace, why not treat yourself to this lavish flavor everyday? With Brevé's Cinnamon Hazelnut, you will experience the lush element of a perfectly roasted Hazelnut and a dash of Cinnamon to add that extra spice to your tastebuds!

With this first-class coffee, you can experience the divinity of fine, handcrafted coffees.  Why settle for mediocracy when you can have a premium, five-star coffee like these here at Brevé Espresso?

Treat yourself to something better with Cinnamon Hazelnut.


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