family owned Since 1995

The Brevé Coffee® story begins in 1990s Seattle, WA with an aeronautical engineer who left everything behind to bring the West Coast Coffee Craze back to his hometown in Missouri. He had witnessed the birth of the coffee phenomenon sweeping the West Coast, and knew Midwesterners’ were being denied of the first class coffee experience.  He sporadically quit his job and flew back home in order to create his own version of this emerging artisan craft.  Combining science with the art, he became a coffee pioneer, engineering and roasting the most distinctive coffee on Earth.  

On March 5, 1995, he and his wife opened The Brevé Espresso Company®, becoming the first authentic espresso bar in downtown St. Louis, MO, serving Lattés, Mochas and Brevés before people knew they existed.  The young couple began educating customers, one cup at a time, about the significance of specialty coffee, explaining the screening process of the most exclusive beans in the world.  Brevé prides itself on using only the finest beans from Costa Rica to Tanzania, from Guatemala to Zimbabwe. 


 Today, over 23 years later, Brevé Coffee® continues to small batch roast their proprietary coffee blends developed for the original espresso bar, which are now enjoyed by the most discerning coffee drinkers around the country.  Brevé Coffee® remains family owned and operated by the original founders, Kevin and Holly and now their kids Kelly and Ryan as well.

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*Brevé Coffee 8511 Herrington Ct  Pevely Missouri 63070  Phone 636.475.3770

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