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Breve Coffee Morning Routine

Brewing a fresh cup of Breve Coffee does not need to be an ordeal. Keep a canister of fresh ground Breve Coffee on your counter. Follow the steps in the video below and you can drink delicious coffee everyday, not just on the weekends.


  1. Heat 2 cups of water in a glass pyrex measuring cup for approximately 4 minutes in a microwave.

  2. while the water is heating, run hot water in the Chemex till half full,

  3. fill your travel mug with hot water

  4. Next, pour the water out of the chemex

  5. Place a paper Chemex filter in the Chemex

  6. add 1/3 cup of Breve coffee grounds into the filter (you may prefer heaping scoop)

  7. once the water is hot (not boiling, but small bubbles on the side of glass) pour it slowly over the grounds

  8. Swirl the Chemex to gently mix the water and grounds, you should see a golden Crema (this is the coffee oils)

  9. Once all of the water has passed through the grounds to the bottom portion of the Chemes, Remove the filter and pour your fresh brewed coffee into your favorite 16 - 20 oz mug.

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