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Breve Coffee Stop Grinding Coffee Daily

Is it myth or fact that whole bean coffee should be ground every day to prepare the freshest cup of coffee? Let's look at the science! A cup of coffee is actually made from the oils within a coffee bean that surface after the roasting process. Roasted coffee beans that are about 5 to 10 days old have the most oils on the surface. These oils last about 45 days if stored in an airtight container that allows gas to escape but prevent oxygen from entering, which is why the valve in a coffee bag is important.

When hot water is poured over coffee grounds, the oils are stripped away from the grounds, mix with the water, and result in the brown colored liquid that we all enjoy as "a cup of coffee". Now, there is so much information regarding whole bean versus ground coffee, but the truth is, if you buy fresh roasted coffee direct from a coffee roaster, then your coffee is likely in the 5 - 10 day window of the roasting process and is ripe with coffee oils. You could order it ground and the oils will continue to surface........ the myth is that if you buy coffee from a retailer, there is no estimation as to how long ago that coffee was roasted, therefore in that situation, whole bean coffee is better because once you grind it at home, more oils will surface and you will taste the freshness in your cup. Why are coffee oils important? See what the owner, Kevin Wiesehan of Breve Coffee has to say and show you about coffee oils below

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