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Brevé Espresso

Brevé Espresso


Our signature espresso.  Low acidic values and a rich chocolate body thats always full of crema.


12 oz blue bags. 5 lb original woodgrain bags


“ANY coffee can be made into espresso, so ALL coffee beans can be called espresso beans. It's not the coffee, it's the process of using pressure that makes espresso”


                                                                           -Kevin Wiesehan-


If any coffee can be turned into Espresso, then what is Brevé Espresso?  Brevé Espresso is our particular blend of beans and specific roast that we believe goes best with lattés and mochas created with an espresso machine.  It has very low pH and Indonesian chocolate after notes.  Lattés and Mochas are made with milk right? What goes great with milk? Chocolate?  With that said, Brevé Espresso is fantastic brewed as regular coffee. Fantastic.

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Fine -  This grind is used for an espresso machine. Don't ask for this unless you have an espresso machine.

Regular - This grind  is 90% of all coffee grinds. It is used for regular drip coffee, any brewer, Chemex, or a refillable Keurig cup. 

Coarse -  This grind is used for French Press and Cold Brew.

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