Fourth of July Special Edition: Original No. 95

Fourth of July Special Edition: Original No. 95


Celebrate Fourth of July with Breve's Original No. 95 in limited edition packaging!


The Original No. 95 is our signature blend, roasted for the flagship Brevé Espresso Bar founded in 1995 in St. Louis. It's smooth, rich, and unapologetically bold. Just like us...and you too. 


12 oz. blue bag(s) or 5 lb in original woodgrain bags

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Fine -  This grind is used for an espresso machine. Don't ask for this unless you have an espresso machine.

Regular - This grind  is 90% of all coffee grinds. It is used for regular drip coffee, any brewer, Chemex, or a refillable Keurig cup. 

Coarse -  This grind is used for French Press and Cold Brew.