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Bourbon Pecan

Average: 4.4 (391 votes)

Has the sweet aroma of pecan pie with vanilla and caramel, and just a hint of a malt whisky.  These rich flavors belong in your coffee mug!

Made from only the best, most refined and distinguished coffee beans of the world, Bourbon Pecan is Brevé's most prideful flavour.

Pamper yourself with this five-star-quality coffee!

Taste the warmth of the sweet pecan pie.  Embrace the vanilla aroma and devour the caramel sapor. Experience the exciting tang of the hint of a malt whisky.

All of these regal flavours in just one cup of coffee.  Treat yourself to a fine, handcrafted coffee with Bourbon Pecan.


This has been my favorite coffee since 1995 when Breve started roasting coffee. I have told everyone I know about this wonderful coffee and we all buy it and love it. It\'s hard to pick a favorite but if you like flavored coffee, this one is really something special.

I, personally, am not a coffee drinker. However, when my friend begged me to taste Breve's Bourbon Pecan, i was amazed!! I never knew coffee could taste so good! I am now a daily coffee drinker thanks to Breve!

I have never liked coffee, even though i seem to put pounds of sugar and creamer in it! But, when my friend suggested I try Breve, my dislike for coffee vanished! All of Breve's coffee is perfectly flavored and fresh! You can actually taste the quality! It's incredible! i suggest this coffee to anyone who enjoys and appreciated first-class coffee!

This coffee is available in our office. What a treat! I had to buy it for my family and they all love it.

I was not a coffee drinker until I tried Breve! I have now replaced my morning diet pepsi with this smooth tasty coffee!

This flavor taste great with everything.

5 big stars, moved out of the counry to Panama we took 10 lbs 5 per suitcase ran out and bummed out for next 9 months. Came back went to S.D. ran 1x.Now in S.A. Tx getting ready to buy 5 LBS. Love This Coffee TKS BREVE

Amazing!!! It smells delicious and tastes delightful. I love waking up to the smell of it everyday.

I fell in love with the aroma and taste of Bourbon Pecan the first time I sipped it. Actually, I got it by mistake and thought someone had added a flavored creamer to it. I am so glad I found out the truth. Thank you Breve' for making this coffee available. I LOVE IT !

I was delighted to find that you now have my favorite coffee in a Keurig grind so that I can enjoy it optimally with my machine. I used to bring it to work to enjoy and share with everyone but, now that I'm retired, I don't need a whole pot.

Wow! Fantastic flavor! What a great aroma. Smooth taste and just now a favorite. Looking forward to waking up in the morning with Bourbon Pecan in my cup :)

I'm happy your enjoying Bourbon Pecan! I like it also. If you like that flavor, have you tried our Jamacian Me Crazy!?

This coffee is the BEST! It smells wonderful when it's brewing, and it tastes AMAZING when you drink it! I can't wait to try Jamaican Me Crazy. It sounds interesting.

Can't wait to hear how you Like Jamaican Me Crazy! You won't be disappointed! Thanks again

My husband and I had our first sip of this coffee yesterday while eating at a coffee shop In Willow Springs, MO. We like our coffee on the strong side. We fell in love with all aspects of this coffee. From the aroma to the pallet pleasing taste. We bought a small packet so we have some for special occasions. Yesterday's experience let me to your web site for more.

I love this coffee. The first time I tasted this coffee I was hooked. That was about seven years ago. Now I have my relatives hooked. This coffee is the best.

This is my all time favorite. If you don’t enjoy the taste of your coffee black, then nothing you add to it will make a difference.

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